Old Town Clovis

Old_Town_ClovisOld Town Clovis of today boasts a small town atmosphere combining the richness of the past with the amenities of today. Fine dining, comfortable cafes and coffee shops, treasure filled antique stores and gift shops, and eclectic shopping dot the landscape of the beautifully maintained streets of Old Town Clovis. The town of Clovis was originally pioneered by Marcus Pollasky who along with a group of prominent Fresnans raised over $100,000 in 1891 to build a single freight stop along the San Joaquin Valley Railroad, opening a gateway from the San Joaquin Valley to the east. At the same time an entrepreneurial group of lumbermen from Michigan began purchasing acres of lumber in the mountains to the east. A dam was built, creating Shaver Lake, and a flume to carry the harvested lumber into Clovis was developed. Clovis quickly became this bustling lumber mill and, along with this burgeoning industry, came hundreds of jobs, retail and service businesses, saloons and entertainment. Incorporated in 1912, Clovis downtown became a thriving center of activity, its streets named in honor of the founders of the railroad. The roots for a Clovis Way of Life were firmly planted in this western town. – Oldtownclovis.org

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