Historic Sunnyside CC was designed by renowned golf course architect William P. Bell and opened its doors in 1911, making it the most established golf course between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Sunnyside County Club traces its origins back to one of the early vineyards of Fresno County. In 1890, the land on which the club currently sits was purchased by William N. Oothout from Frederick Roeding, creating the Sunnyside Vineyard. By 1911, a group of wealthy and well-known Fresnans, including George C. Roeding, C.C. Teague and Frank Romain, bought a portion of the old Sunnyside Vineyard and Oothout’s colonial home to build a golf course for the club. The men hired Bell to design the golf course, which was completed in 1911. Oothout’s colonial home was used at the clubhouse, until it was destroyed by fire in 1941. Located in the Sunnyside area of southeast Fresno, Sunnyside CC sets the standard for central valley golf. Around Sunnyside you will see a variety of housing to include custom homes and subdivisions that represent different ages and family sizes. This area offers easy access to freeways and shopping.


Located just east of DeWolf and south of Belmont one of Fresno’s premier golf courses since 1956, Belmont Country Club is known for its quality of golf at affordable prices. There are several traditional estates just off east Sander Ct and throughout the community that overlook this course. Whether you’re a single golfer or a family of eight, Belmont Country Club fits the needs of every golfer. With an abundance of trees and water, it’s 18 hole championship golf course is one of the more challenging in the valley.